Letter: Things they wished they'd never said

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Sir: The confident assertion of Gavyn Davies ('Were those tax rises necessary?', 12 September) that base rates would remain unchanged 'almost certainly until November or later' and its subsequent disproof within hours of publication must have struck a chord with all those of us who (as parents, for instance) have at some time found ourselves in the position of being expertly wrong, albeit unpaid and in private.

I am working under commission to Guinness Books to collect and edit a volume of such 'regrettable quotes' and I would welcome and gratefully acknowledge any contributions from your readers. The field of business and economics is rather under- represented at present, due seemingly to a certain inexplicable coyness on the part of those who work in it.





13 September

Contributions should be sent care of Richard Millbank, Guinness Publishing, 33 London Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 6DJ.