Letter: Threat to close City churches is a sacrilege

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Sir: Lord Templeman's report suggesting the closure of many churches in the City of London (29 January) is deeply disturbing. He has prepared his report based on certain beliefs, traditions and practices that often do not accord with the needs of the people.

I am a member of the Indian Orthodox Church and have been worshipping at St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe since 1978. Although changes and renewals are necessary for the growth of a society, the decision to close a church is sacrilegious and retrograde, especially when the Government is embarking on a 'back to basics' campaign. To assert that church attendance is below 10 is also wrong. Every Sunday, there are approximately 60 of us at St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, some having travelled over 35 miles to reach there.

I strongly feel that the churches should be kept open, so that spiritual and family values are upheld in this modern society dominated by crime and violence.

Yours faithfully,


Crawley, Sussex