Letter: Tibet, a key indicator

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Sir: In your leading article 'Clinton's Chinese conundrum' (22 November) you rightly say that in his dealings with China, 'the rising Asian' superpower, Bill Clinton cannot ignore China's appalling human rights record. It is not only a matter of whether he should insist that they treat their own people better before relations are improved, but of their attitude to Tibet, a country with its own heritage, culture, language and rights to self-determination.

China's invasion and military occupation of Tibet in 1950 was condemned by the United Nations. The Chinese were told to withdraw their army of occupation - a demand supported by the British government. The rights of the Tibetan people should not be forgotten in the rush to increase trade. There is no measure more likely to promote Chinese relations with the rest of the world than a commitment to allow Tibet its freedom.

Yours sincerely,


House of Lords

London, SW1