Letter: Time for Australia to come of age

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Sir: Your editorial ('Australia's right to become a republic', 27 January) clearly details the background to the debate on Australia's constitutional future. However, it does not mention that many Australians believe Prime Minister Paul Keating's campaign to make the country a republic has created a sense of uncertainty among what was once a unified and harmonious people.

Mr Keating seems to believe that by constantly repeating his personal desire for Australia to become a republic it must eventually happen, but such a move is increasingly being shown to be contrary to the wishes of most Australians.

While you are right to say that many Australians come from countries with no allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, it should not be forgotten that a large proportion of those countries have monarchist traditions.

The Prince of Wales's assailant is from Cambodia, a country which has recently restored its monarchy. The only inevitable consequence of Mr Keating's misguided crusade is to jeopardise the stability the country enjoys under the Crown.

Yours faithfully,



The Monarchist League

London, WC1

27 January