Letter: Time for the Millennium

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your article on Greenwich's Millennium plans ("An Exhibition of ourselves", 17 May) neglects to mention the role of the National Maritime Museum and, more importantly, the Old Royal Observatory in the commemorations. While the Museum fully supports the plans for a Millennium exhibition on the Greenwich peninsula site, plans are already well in progress to mark the Millennium in historic Maritime Greenwich, whether or not the peninsula event occurs.

In the Old Royal Observatory, Queen's House and National Maritime Museum, set among 200 acres of Greenwich Park, Greenwich has a spectacular, ready- made site of international repute for Millennium celebrations. It should also be remembered that the reason for the choice of Greenwich for the national celebrations is the existence of the Prime Meridian, signalling the beginning of the Millennium for the world, by international decree.

Since the Millennium officially begins for the world on the Prime Meridian in the courtyard of the Observatory, the global focus will be on that historic building when the Millennium arrives.



National Maritime Museum

London SE10