Letter: Time Greenwich went Continental?

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Sir: Those in favour of abolishing Greenwich Mean Time in the winter point to the reduction in accidents to children walking home from school. But I have not seen any reference to the dangers of children walking to school on dark mornings. I cannot readily accept the argument that everyone, children and motorists alike, are necessarily more wide awake then.

At the end of the Christmas term and the beginning of the Easter term the sun rises in London and Glasgow at approximately 8am and 8.45am GMT respectively. Children normally travel to school between 8am and 8.45am, when the roads are very busy with school and business traffic. If we abolish GMT, children will be travelling to school in the dark at the time of day when traffic is at its heaviest.

After all, in the afternoons, children would normally be home by 4.15pm, before business traffic is at its height.

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13 August

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