Letter: Time to think again about the monarchy

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Sir: Polly Toynbee, in her article "The last chapter of the royal fairy tale" (4 September), has encapsulated why this nation must progress towards a republic.

The Royal Family are at the pinnacle of the social elitism, privilege and class consciousness that so divides this country. All will not be put right overnight, but take away the head and the body will surely follow, allowing the creation of a truly democratic society where recognition and esteem comes from one's own efforts rather than dynastic birthright and patronage.

It is deeply repugnant that the country which gave the world modern parliamentary democracy should still espouse a hereditary head of state along with the non-elected Lords who are part of the historical anachronism. However flawed they may be, at least politicians can be voted in and out of office.

The new millennium is the opportunity for Charles with draw the final curtain on kings and queens in this country. They are an outmoded institution struggling continually to find a role for themselves that no longer exists. Our heritage as a nation need not pass with them.


Denbury, Essex