Letter: To bomb or not to bomb in Serbia

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The Independent Online
I CAN hardly put into words the anger I feel at The Independent on Sunday's opinion on the Nato action over Kosovo. The reason for the conflict is the same as Iraq; it is the same as Hitler's Germany. All the while we appease these tyrants they are in a win-win situation. If we take no action they deteriorate the fabric of other races within their own borders and if action is taken against them they accelerate their ethnic cleansing. You are giving Milosevic and his kind the opportunity to put their ghastly blueprints into action because they know that, even if bombed, no effective military strategy - such as a ground war - will ever be accepted by the West. Tyrants such as these do not retire to a bungalow on the coast and take up carpentry - they fight to the bitter end, regardless of the human consequences and you, by your own statements, support them in that. A ground war and invasion of Serbia is the only answer, leading hopefully to the capture and trial of these war criminals. If not, when hundreds of thousands die, possibly millions, the blood will be on our hands because we sat back and allowed this to take place. Shame on you and all those who take this stance from their comfortable British firesides.


Newhaven, East Sussex