Letter: To Moscow in fur

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Sir: The sight of the Queen in Moscow, clad in fur (report, 18 October) is shameful, even though the temperature was a chilly 34F. There are plenty of smart, warm alternatives available, and British-made alternatives too.

Not only is Her Majesty joint patron, with her mother, of the RSPCA, which operates an anti- fur policy, she also represents a country where, according to NOP, more than two-thirds of the people are against the exploitation of animals for fur. All fur is very cruelly obtained, be it from the wild or 'fur farms'.

Also, her display of disregard for animal suffering would not help the current anti-fur campaign being staged in Moscow, which has a poster display in Pushkin Square and a 'No Fur' video on national television.

Advisers should inform Her Majesty that the world has moved on since the days of the Tsars.

Yours faithfully, BRENDA BUCK Leeds 18 October (Photograph omitted)