Letter: Toe the line, or prepare to be towed away

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Sir: Parking in Covent Garden will not, in the future, be as confusing as you seem to think it is now ('Meter misery in a parking maze', 20 July).

First, we will be reviewing the new regulations before the end of the year and will iron out any genuine difficulties. Second, we will be taking over clamping and towing away from the police next year. Let me assure motorists that, if I have my way, we shall use these draconian penalties for more serious offences than parking on an out-of-order meter, for which a ticket seems to me quite sufficient penalty.

May I, however, warn persistent offenders to look out for our clamper vans, and people who park in dangerous places to beware of our tow trucks. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Yours faithfully,



Traffic and Works


City of Westminster Council

London, SW1

23 July