Letter: Too coy on constitutional reform

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Sir: It is a pity to see Dr David Cromwell (letter, 9 April) attacking the Liberal Democrats for failing over the environment.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto names as a priority the setting of tough targets to cut energy waste, reduce traffic congestion and control pollution. It guarantees to cut VAT and taxes on jobs, and make up the difference by taxing pollution, and to encourage people to drive more fuel-efficient cars by cutting car tax for cars up to 1600cc.

Dr Cromwell is right to point out the Green Party's role in the Road Traffic Reduction Bill (and the Home Energy Conservation Bill) but the Liberal Democrat commitment on these issues has been demonstrated by the fact that both of them were adopted and pushed through by Liberal Democrats. As campaign organiser for both bills I am well aware of their efforts.

All Green Party members should hope for a larger Liberal Democrat presence in the next parliament and therefore should confine themselves to exposing the pitiful records of the Labour and Tory parties.


(Green Party member)

London SE6