Letter: Tougher laws against drink driving

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Sir: The Princess of Wales succeeded in making complex issues understandable and therefore people believed they had a role in resolution. This is particularly so of Aids and land mines where she risked criticism by taking direct action.

The Oslo Conference may lead to a treaty and it could prove to be a fitting memorial to Diana. More than anything else it needs to focus on the real facts, not political perceptions and commercial implications but the core humanitarian issue.

In 64 countries around the world there are an estimated 110 million unexploded land mines. Land mines kill 800 people a month. A large proportion are children.

Most mines are not charted or mapped. They move positions due to floods, landslides etc. As they age they become more sensitive. The estimated cost of treatment for live victims is more than pounds 2,000. Clearing each mine costs a quarter of this.

The Princess was asking why we have all created this situation which is intolerable and yet totally capable of being stopped and, with commitment, banned for ever.


Executive Director

Children's Aid Direct