Letter: Towards a deal on Gibraltar

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Sir: Improved co-operation between Spain and Gibraltar could bring wealth to one of the poorest regions of Spain. This is the message the British, Gibraltarian and Spanish governments should be discussing.

The new government in Gibraltar needs the backing of the UK government to reach an agreement with Spain which would open up the airport. In exchange for Iberia and GB airways providing flights to and from major Spanish cities, which would bring trade and prosperity to the area (together with a cessation of harassment on border crossings), the Gibraltar government should consider a major concession, such as direct access to the airport from Spanish territory, as is the case with Swiss and French airports.

Sovereignty is not the issue, however strongly politicians may wish to raise it when it suits them. This part of Andalusia has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe and a successful and prosperous Gibraltar is in the best interests of Spain.


London NW11