Letter: Town and country

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I AND many other urban dwellers will be supporting the Countryside March, not out of particular sympathy for any individual faction represented, but because of a fear for the way democracy appears to be heading in this country.

Lobby groups use the media to engender a public fear - many are prepared to misrepresent and lie about their targets, as they believe their cause is so great that the end justifies any means - it all sells more television time and newsprint. There is a telephone poll or two, using simplistic or loaded questions, and a demand for instant legislation to solve a problem that may never have existed. What chance for any minority to survive?

Yes, there will be fox hunters on the march. There will also be target shooters who have lost their sport, those who would choose to eat beef on the bone, and many other diverse groups and individuals who simply want to pursue their own interests rather than forming lobby groups to attack others.


Farnborough, Hampshire