Letter: Traditional dress for lawyers and crooks

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Sir: It would seem that the majority of letters against retaining wigs and gowns just express the personal whims of the writers regarding their feelings about wearing them, eg too hot, silly, and today's gem from Alan Smith (letters, 21 August), 'fancy dress'.

I am sure that the Yeomen at the Tower, the Household Cavalry at Horseguards and the sentries at Buckingham Palace, to name but a few, might feel more comfortable in sports jackets and flannels, but there is such a thing as tradition, of which this country was once justifiably proud. If we gradually do away with the little we have left, where will it end? Who will next want to revert to mediocrity? The police, perhaps, or the armed forces?

Wherever tradition has been eroded standards have fallen, because when one wears a 'uniform' one is proud of being a part of what that uniform signifies and fights to defend its honour and tradition.

Yours faithfully,



21 August