Letter: Traditions of the hunt

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Sir: Meredith Stranges from Ontario wishes to visit a "Merrie Olde Englande" theme park to pursue the love of ripping wild animals apart (letter, 1 February). I live in rural Devon and the hunt sickens me. Meredith Stranges is right about one thing though, it is a class issue; the issue being that when other animal torments such as bear- baiting and dog-fighting were made illegal, the gentry didn't feel the need to rid themselves of their own favourite form of animal torture.

Are there any other parts of British history Meredith Stranges would like to resurrect? Perhaps sending children down mines or hanging witches? Maybe we could transport those found flouting the ban to the colonies where they can join Meredith and shout "Tally-ho" as they club seal pups to death in that fine old Canadian tradition?


Whimple, Devon