Letter: True stories

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WHEN I was working in Saudi Arabia some years ago, an article appeared in a local paper, based on detailed research, which suggested the Israelites crossed the Red Sea much further south than is currently believed.

There are many place names in southern Saudi Arabia and northern Yemen corresponding to similar ones in the Old Testament and modern Israel. The duplication of names could be similar to those in Britain and North America, given by settlers to remind them of the places left behind.

Perhaps Professor Thompson, ('Leading archaeologist says Old Testament stories are fiction,' 28 March) has been looking in the wrong place for his archaeological evidence to support the likes of Solomon and King David. The archaeology of the Arabian peninsula is hardly touched, particularly in the area close to the Yemen border.

Thanks to Professor Thompson, I, for one, will still believe the Bible stories, but will envisage them in a more likely location.

P J E Woods

Danby, N Yorks