Letter: True to life

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AMBRIDGE IS not a bed of lefty propaganda. The Rev Janet Fisher, like several of her real-life counterparts, is going on the Jubilee 2000 March which asks for the abolition of Third World debt and is supported by many churches. On the other hand, Susan Carter and Jack and Peggy Woolley have voiced doubts about the principle of abolishing Third World debt. Marjorie Antrobus may have been relieved to get her National Health appointment but Hayley was incensed at the length of time her elderly friend had to wait. After debate with her husband, Alistair, Shula decided to send her son Daniel to the village school because it has a good academic record and she wants him to mix socially with the children in his area. The Archers would not be as popular as it is if it were not concerned with topical issues relevant to people today.


Editor, The Archers

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