Letter: Tudjman's murderous democracy

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Sir: Emma Daly reports from Zagreb (13 May) that Croatia's likely admission to the Council of Europe raises the issue of President Franjo Tudjman's undemocratic behaviour, in particular his riding roughshod over the Zagreb city council. Shades of Mrs Thatcher and the GLC!

But there is a far more substantive issue - Croatia's new-found ethnic purity. Why the collective amnesia over the murderous expulsion of 175,000 Krajina Serbs in August last year? That was, alas, an example of impeccable democratic behaviour in that the outcome was welcomed by the entire Croatian political spectrum.

The EU bears a special responsibility, having godfathered Croatia. Recognition was indeed "premature" given that Zagreb was not fit to look after the interests of all the peoples within its claimed borders. The EU can start to make amends by affirming the right of the Krajina Serbs to return as one of Croatia's two historical nations.

Yugo Kovach