Letter: Tunnel not the worst risk

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Sir: The recent accident in the Channel Tunnel ("Darkness at the end of the tunnel", 20 November) raises questions of safety not only in the tunnel but also on cross-Channel ferries.

On a recent trip to Britanny I was travelling in a car as a passenger. We were directed to an upper deck in which the cars were packed so tight that the only possible way to leave the car was by climbing out on the driver's side, which would have been impossible for anyone less than agile. Even then there was less than 18 inches of space on the driver's side.

In the event of a fire on the car decks whilst loading, it would have been impossible for many passengers to leave their cars amid the smoke, heat and anxiety of all to leave. The loading officer I spoke to on the ferry said he realised the problem but was under instructions to get all the cars on, irrespective of their width.


Bitton, Avon