Letter: Turkey and the EU

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Sir: Lord Kennet's letter (30 October) about admitting Turkey to the European Union has missed the reason why all this is happening. It is, more than anything else, US pressure, and the American motives have not all appeared in the British press.

They are: first, to strengthen the military alliance the US is forging between Turkey's new military government and Israel, so that Turkey's considerable might can help Israel in its wars of occupation and that they can together encircle Syria and Lebanon. This the US government does because both US parties are heavily Zionist funded.

Second, to strengthen Turkey's strategic position in obtaining the pipelines to bring oil from the Caspian oil province, which belongs to various countries freed from the Russian empire and now declared an area of "vital national interest", to the US. And third, to strengthen Turkey, which already has the strongest navy in the Black Sea, in its role of annoying Russia there.


London W2