Letter: Turkey's record

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Letter: Turkey's record

Sir: If Stephen Cox (letter, 20 December) spent less time reading the mealy-mouthed utterances of President Clinton and Mr Blair and more time reading history, he would know that the European Union has, indeed, made a list of "requirements" for Turkey's adherence before it would be admitted to the civilised nations of Europe. They were the promises that Turkey made, two years ago, in order to be admitted to the EU's Customs Union: Cyprus, democracy, human rights, Kurds.

For the past 200 years, Turkey has achieved the worst human rights record in the world. Turkey has massacred or otherwise mistreated the Albanians, the Armenians, the Bulgarians, the Cretans, the Cypriots, the Greeks, the Kurds, the Macedonians, the Maronite Lebanese, the Montenegrins, the Romanians, the Serbs, the Yemenis. (If I have omitted any group, I apologise.)

And, during these same 200 years, Turkey has always promised to behave. Whenever the Western countries have criticised Turkey, Turkey has agreed to mend its ways. Then, Turkey has continued to misbehave.


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