Letter: Turkish threat in the Balkans

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Sir: I have always enjoyed a good laugh whenever my compatriot Greek friends accused your editorial line of 'anti-Hellenic', pro-

Turkish bias. Far from that, I never interpreted your critical editorials on Greek foreign policy, especially regarding Albania and the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, as being anything other than justified scrutinies of hasty, unwise, foolish and occasionally, perhaps, dangerous policies.

But your leading article 'A proper role for Turkey in Bosnia' (8 March) has shattered my confidence in your newspaper. Commenting on the possibility of deploying Turkish troops on the ground, you portray the Turkish government as 'restrained' and expect recognition of Turkey's 'good sense'.

You ask for a 'cool look' at its past, but the past you chose to look at is the long distant one. Why do you not look at the present occupation by the Turkish forces of northern Cyprus in defiance of existing UN resolutions?

Can it be possible that you do not see the shameful contradiction of congratulating a state for its 'good sense' in acting on behalf of the UN while the same state is offending, today, the UN and its authority?

Your 'cool look' also missed an abysmal human rights record only recently reported in your paper by Hugh Pope. Are we to infer from your omissions that in Bosnia the Turkish army will behave with more decorum than it does within its own borders?

Yours faithfully,



8 March