Letter: Turn down the glare and save energy

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your article somewhat misrepresents the thrust of the Croydon Skyline Lighting Project and the environmental benefits that would flow from it.

Croydon Skyline is underpinned by urban lighting strategies with the aim of eliminating light pollution. Croydon is breaking new ground in holistic lighting strategies covering safety, security, energy consumption and light pollution. Skyline is a project with public and economic benefit which will be achieved with minimal environmental cost. We are researching powering Skyline using energy generated from household waste.

We have had discussions with crime prevention officers and the community to establish priority areas for lighting improvements. The council's street lighting programme has the objective of eliminating the legacy of poor quality lighting polluting the night sky by replacing outdated fittings with more energy-efficient sources that have a downward-only lighting coefficient.

A unique feature of the Skyline Project is that we are seeking the involvement of the Croydon Astronomical Society as a member of the board of trustees controlling the project.


Director of Planning

London Borough of Croydon