Letter: TV's undue influence

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Sir: Might I join in the discussion about where we have gone wrong ('James's town', 20 February).

No single answer will be found, and certainly no one culprit. Yes, violence and crime on television must be playing a part in the undermining of our sad and sick society; but it is television itself that is, I believe, contributing massively to the damage.

Within every struggling family it is very understandably the Box that is the last totem of 'civilisation' to be relinquished.

After all, what else is there to do all day? Yet how deeply frustrating, as hour after hour, at the hands of the advertising men, these same families are reminded of what they cannot have and cannot afford, and what others apparently can. No excuse for beating up an old lady, but surely an

explanation for resentment and


Yours faithfully,


Truro, Cornwall