Letter: Type cast

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I HOPE that Sir Neil Cossons and others (Letters, 3 April) who are seeking support for a proposed Type Museum will not become too blinded by the attractiveness of the Monotype system to realise that the Linotype (first used commercially in 1886 and still in widespread use) would certainly warrant inclusion in any such historical collection.

The manufacture of spares continues for both the Linotype and the similar Intertype (and also the Ludlow system, which employs hand-assembly of type as opposed to keyboard operation).

But this year will probably mark the cessation of matrix manufacturing at L&M Ltd, Altrincham, and one wonders if any thought has been given to preserving the incomparable wealth of material which will then presumably become redundant.

It would be unfortunate if this collection of letter forms, which includes the English and American type libraries of the three systems, were lost at the expense of Monomania.

Bruce Anderton


West Yorks