Letter: UK sweatshop

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My husband works for a Danish company. He spends up to 10 months a year abroad and, while here, is expected to work 10 hours a day and most weekends ("When did you last see your father?", Real Life, 10 November). He can be called away without notice despite family plans. Meanwhile, his Danish colleagues enjoy longer holidays, higher salaries and the feeling that their families come first. They are discouraged from leaving the office after 5 o'clock. One man is allowed to work from home three days a week in order to look after his children; another, who has already had three months paternity leave, can leave the office whenever the nanny requires him. This government's commitment to family life and values rings hollow. We are Europe's sweatshop. I hope they will be made to accept the 48-hour week and get the working week for men down to about 60 hours.

Mary-Clare Marriott