Letter: UK's recent nuclear tests

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From Ms V. H-Stanton

Sir: In response to your article "No fuss please, we're British" (8 September) and Sue Rabbitt Roff's letter (12 September), I would like to add that not only has Britain tested nuclear weapons in Australia 40 years ago but also in the US far more recently. "Our" last test was in 1992 at the US test site in Nevada. Britain has no moratorium of its own; tests there have only been suspended due to the US moritorium of October 1992 which, in effect, stopped all British tests, too.

Like the French testing in Polynesia, or the early UK tests in Australia, the US test site is on indigenous peoples' land. The Western Shoshone, on whose land the test site is, have never given permission for the UK (or US) to test nuclear bombs there.

It is hardly surprising that the British Government did not condemn Chirac's decision to continue with French nuclear tests.

Yours sincerely,

Vic H-Stanton

Knockrome, Isle of Jura

12 September