Letter: 'Ulster few' are hard workers

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AS ONE of those interviewed, and indeed misquoted, by Ian MacKinnon at the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club at Cultra for his article 'Ulster few enjoy a golden age', (8 August) I must protest most vociferously at the tone, which was biased and based on prejudiced research.

The drinkers in the bar were hugely amused to have been labelled as part of the 'North Down Set'. If Mr MacKinnon had bothered to ask he would have discovered that the sailing fraternity is spread throughout the province, and although some do live in the vicinity, most of those he questioned do not. I live in a Victorian terraced house, albeit a large one, and in common with most of the members have neither swimming pool nor tennis court. Neither do we have a Jaguar or a Mercedes.

Royal North is primarily a sailing club. Mr MacKinnon states that: 'The view through the picture window was of boats bobbing on their moorings and flags gently fluttering in the lunchtime breeze.' What he neglected to mention was that there was a championship taking place that Sunday, and that we were all clustered around the window eagerly awaiting the results.

Many of the residents of this 'golden' area of North Down are in business, working long hours and bearing heavy risks both financial and to their personal security.

If the work ethic so strongly held in this province is bourgeois then so be it, but I take exception to the insinuation that this so-called 'wealthy idyll' is easily won.

Jill Nelson

Co Down