Letter: Ulster's big problem: England's failure to comprehend the two traditions

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Sir: It is astonishing that the UK government has allowed the climb-down at Drumcree. It was the Chief constable who determined that the route was unsuitable and the same man that used force of arms to ensure its passage.

What conclusions can we draw? That violence and disorder are the way to be heard? If so why are Sinn Fein excluded from the talks while Mr Trimble and Mr Paisley brazenly marshal their forces? Worse still, a weak UK government is now nakedly exposed.

There is no peace process if the UK government doesn't have the will to face down the Unionist and Orange marchers. I am driven to the conclusion that there is no UK role in Northern Ireland. I do not pay taxes to escort Orangemen with paratroops. It is time to go. If the UK is not part of a solution we should leave and allow Irish men and women to determine their own fate.