Letter: Underground revolt

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I AID and abet criminals, and shall continue to do so. Although the Court of Appeal has reinforced London Underground's vendetta against ticket touts ("Ticket touts lose appeal", 7 March), I shall continue to give away my travelcards for as long as the world's most expensive public transport system fails to deliver an adequate service.

I deeply resent paying the company's usurious levy for the privilege of squeezing myself onto its squalid, filthy, overcrowded trains; for patiently tolerating the "18 minutes to next train" indicator, with no announcement to explain or justify it, for queuing for 20 minutes in the morning at the one ticket window that is ever open at my local station when I forget to arrange to have the right change for the automatic machines in my pocket; for philosophically accepting that when the last trains fail to connect and I am dumped at a station far from home my travelcard is not valid on the night bus; for tolerating the rudeness of the very few staff ever seen on a station.

Until LUL pulls its socks up the touts have my unreserved backing.


London SW17