Letter: Underwhelmed by what's on offer

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Sir: Daily I read in the newspapers that the retail trade is sunk in gloom because the public is not buying goods.

I am a middle-aged lady with some small sums of money at my command. I would like to help the economy by getting things going again. But I cannot find anything to buy. The shops are full of goods I do not want. The clothes on offer are particularly unsuitable for my age and style of life. I have all the knick-knacks I want and I don't care to make myself a servant to yet more equipment in the


Recently I have attempted to buy new furniture, but the choice as compared to the US is very poor, and often there are weeks of waiting before delivery.

If the retail trade wants me to help it to recover, it will have to tempt me more seriously with goods I find satisfactory.

Yours sincerely,


Hillsborough, County Down

8 July