Letter: Union rights for the clergy

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your attack on MSF in your leading article of 10 September is quite unfounded.

We are clearly on record as supporting both Tony Blair and John Monks on union modernisation, and indeed MSF successfully proposed just such a modernisation package to the TUC on Monday. Our agenda for the future dovetails with the new government and the TUC by being positive about individual rights and responsibilities.

You have confused the issue of the rights of an individual to professional representation in the rapidly changing and highly stressful world of work with a claim, which your editorial invented, of MSF bargaining rights for all clergy.

We do not claim to speak for non-members of MSF. It is individual rights which are at the heart of this debate. And on this MSF, the TUC, the Government, the Archbishop and most reasonable employers are united.

I therefore unreservedly welcome Lambeth Palace's announcement of a review of their recognition arrangements for clergy.


General Secretary


London EC1