Letter: United monarchies of Europe

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Sir: As a British citizen on assignment overseas, I have watched with interest the recent events over the Dimbleby biography of the Prince of Wales. That His Royal Highness was 'forced' into marriage with Lady Diana Spencer should come as a surprise to no one. It was well known, even outside the royal circle, that he was coming under increasing pressure from both his family and the Government to marry. I heard reports of this in the Netherlands.

That His Royal Highness should have chosen to make this information public is an important fact. This shows that the Prince of Wales has a commitment to openness and truth. It indicates that he would provide the country with an open monarchy, no longer hidden behind the walls of protocol and secrecy.

This is the type of monarchy that Britain will need if it is going to survive into the 21st century. We need a monarch for the people, and Prince Charles can provide that.

Is it not about time that we gave him the opportunity to do the job at which he would be good? To be a monarch for the people.

Yours faithfully, NIGEL BACKHURST Apeldoorn, Netherlands 17 October