Letter: United Nations has power to impose ceasefire in Bosnia

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Sir: M. I . R. Summerfell's assertion that the massacre of the Bosnian Muslims is part of a 'Christian' plot (letters, 15 April) cannot go unanswered. I agree wholeheartedly with him that more must be done, but the help that is being given is after all being given by the 'Christian' West (or have I missed the vast amounts of humanitarian aid given by all the Muslim countries of this world?)

The massacres that are happening in what used to be Yugoslavia are being perpetrated by one side in a civil war on another and frankly I do not believe that religion comes into it. The two sides are 'Muslim' and 'Christian' but are firstly Bosnian and Serbian and it is as Bosnians and Serbians that they are fighting.

Yours faithfully,


Thornton Heath,


15 April