Letter: Unknown risks of modified food

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The Independent Online
Sir: I have never read such an irresponsible article in your paper as that by Nicholas Schoon on genetically modified food ("Nothing to fear from techno-corn", 11 December).

One of the main problems with genetically modified crops that are released into the environment is that the changes they engender will be irreversible. Given the huge capacity for destruction for individuals and the environment, all that is required is much more caution.

There is absolutely no research on the long-term health and nutritional effects of genetically modified organisms, and it is the simplest common sense to argue that very full research should be required before proceeding with such fundamental changes.

The main motive of many of the supplier companies is simply money, and to imply that we just have to accept the forced imposition of their policies because they cannot wait is defeatism beyond belief.

I doubt that Mr Schoon would be quite so philosophical if a member of his family were included among those injured or killed when one of the mistakes he confidently predicts occurs.