Letter: US interference in Cuba deserves condemnation

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Sir: I was appalled to read Rupert Cornwell's article 'Re-election politics prompt Cuba U-turn' (20 August) comparing the regime in Cuba to Haiti. As a frequent visitor to Cuba, I would point out that there is no similarity between the two countries. In Haiti there is torture and murder of innocent civilians who dare to support the deposed president Aristide, widespread poverty and little or no health care or education for the poor. Cuba, on the other hand, has the highest literacy rate, plus the lowest infant mortality, in the Americas.

The ordinary people of Cuba are suffering, it is true, from shortages of basic commodities. There are two main reasons for this. One is the strengthening of the 30-year-old blockade by the 'Torricelli' Act and the other the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was its main trading partner. The government has striven to see that no Cuban goes hungry by means of rationing and is taking steps to restructure its economy, stepping up on tourism and encouraging joint ventures with foreign companies.

Yours sincerely,


Bushey, Hertfordshire