Letter: Uttered on a whim and a prayer

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Sir: Regarding prayers for the Royal Family (letters, 24 August and 1 September), the (Latin) grace after meat on festal occasions in this college includes a prayer for 'the Queen, the Queen Mother, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and all the Royal Family'.

Two matters connected with this may be of some amusement. For several years our chaplains had been referring to the Prince of Wales as 'Principem Galliae' - which could only mean 'Prince of France'; one suspects 'a little learning' on the part of some former chaplain or dean, misled by the French 'Prince de Galles'. The correct 'Walliae' has now been restored. And a few years ago, one of our chaplains, for a 'dare', inserted 'the Royal Corgis' into the list on one occasion - which apparently went unnoticed except by those in the know.

Yours sincerely,


Trinity College


1 September