Letter : V&A director's fine achievements

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From Mr George Levy

Sir: To suggest that the Victoria and Albert Museum has been "left badly scarred" by Elizabeth Esteve-Coll when announcing that Dr Alan Borg has been appointed the next director ("V&A shake-up raises fear of entry charges", 20 May) is simply not true. Sadly, her achievements as director over the last eight years still appear to remain unrecognised in certain quarters.

It is without doubt that under Mrs Esteve-Coll's enthusiastic guidance (in spite of the financial constraints placed upon our public institutions) the V&A has become considerably more inviting to the public while at the same time encouraging scholarship. It is altogether a more vibrant museum.

After 50 years of major structural neglect, restoration to the building both inside and out has taken place. New galleries have been created, there have been important educational activities and interesting exhibitions - yes, even, a much improved cafe.

Yours faithfully,


H. Blairman & Sons

London, W1

21 May