Letter: Verdicts and evidence in murder trials

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From Ms Jan Morris

Sir: In his astonishingly lick-spittle assessment of the condition of American justice ("Star-spangled banner of justice," 5 October), Gary McDowell says it would be hard to think of another judicial system "where [sic] one would be likely to do better if arrested for a serious crime". I can think of many: namely, all those systems which have abandoned the barbarism of capital punishments.

Yours faithfully,

Jan Morris

Llanystumdwy, Gwynedd

From Mr Peter Wotton

Sir: Before his trial, I had never heard of OJ Simpson. During the past year, in conversations with numerous friends and acquaintances, including some in North America, OJ Simpson has not once been mentioned, let alone discussed. Is there something wrong with me?

Yours faithfully,

Peter Wotton

Whiteleaf, Buckinghamshire