Letter: Victims of violence

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Letter: Victims of violence

Sir: Our professional experience shows that one of the crucial lessons from the new Birmingham research ("Violent videos don't provoke young people. Violence does", 29 December) is that there is no "quick fix" for this social problem. Above all, a national strategy must be developed by all the relevant agencies, led by government and implemented at local level.

Government proposals to intervene earlier when young people offend may form part of this strategy but are not enough on their own. More support services for families under stress and for the victims of domestic violence are urgently required. New American research on the impact of "peer pressure" on children's development also reinforces the importance of engaging and supporting young people beyond the home - in school and on the streets.

Developing this kind of integrated strategy may seem a daunting task, but the Birmingham research suggests there is no real alternative in the longer term. We hope policy makers will work with our organisation and others to meet the challenge.