Letter: Village voice

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Sir: In reply to criticism given by Stephen Friar towards some villages which enter the 'best-kept village' competitions ('Best Kept Village judge attacks prissy 'Aga louts' ', 1 June) - he might like to know that in our village we do not hoover the kiosk or have white painted stones, nor do we go to extreme lengths to 'prettify' what is already a beautiful village - our grass verges and village green are maintained by a small core of residents come rain or shine - all for the benefit of the community which lives here.

Being the historic village of Fenny Drayton, where George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement was born, we have a steady stream of visitors from home and overseas, all of whom seem to enjoy and appreciate the effort of villagers who make Fenny Drayton the village that it is - The Best Kept Small Village Winner of 1992.

Yours faithfully,


Fenny Drayton, Warwickshire

1 June