Letter: Vive la France

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Sir: I was absolutely stunned to read (report, 9 August) that the French are considered by tourists to be "chronically rude, aggressive, dirty, idle and disorganised". I have just returned from a holiday in Languedoc and found the complete opposite.

Was the young salesman in Monoprix at Beziers "idle" when he took the trouble to take a shirt out of a sealed packet for my husband to try on? Was the waitress in our hotel "dirty" when she dusted the tables and examined every glass before we ate outside? Was the charming elderly gentleman in Montpellier "rude and aggressive" when he showed me where the town centre was and wished me a happy day in Montpellier?

I say "Vive la France" - I can't wait to visit again.


Harrow, Middlesex