Letter: Vive la France, vive la revolution

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Sir: Thank God for France! They are a people who believe that the first priority of government must be the well-being of the population, and that it is around this aim that national politics and economics must somehow be shaped and honed.

How different from the timorous and docile British. For 10 years, economic theorists have declared war on their immediate interests, reduced thousands to paralysed squalor, and taken possession of the only political instrument that might have defended them - but didn't - the Labour Party.

The greatest failure in Britain today is not the social and economic divide, or class, or the greed of the boardroom - it is the docility, subservience, and submission of the British people themselves.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Flintoff

London, SW6

From Mr Lionel M. Redit

Sir: Will 1995 make 1789 look like 1968?

Yours sincerely,

Lionel Redit

London, N2