Letter: Vocal opposition to Portillo over the causes of disquiet for the majority

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Sir: I am most grateful to Michael Portillo for his sharp attack on the 'new British disease', the self-destructive sickness of national cynicism. Strange that his view should be quoted in your leading article, 'Portillo plays on prejudice' on the same day (25 April) as the great cynical British public was informed that a BBC Panorama programme - investigating blatant corruption in Tory-controlled Westminster City Council - was suddenly and mysteriously pulled.

I suppose Mr Portillo would suggest that the great British public would be acting cynically if it dared to imagine or suggest that the BBC has sold out to the real sickness in British society - 'the cynical and arrogant misuse of political power'.

Yours faithfully,


Tunbridge Wells, Kent

25 April