Letter: Voice of reason

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THANK YOU so much for the ever-civilised, delightful Michael Bywater. I laughed like a drain at his column "Going, going, gone" (Review, 18 April), as he took our so-called "leaders" vigorously to task.

Bill Clinton is "a potato-faced boobie with a hard-on who thinks it's a good idea to invade a country thousands of miles away". Brilliant - this is what so many of us wanted to say. Michael puts racial hatred in its proper perspective. Why shouldn't Slobodan Milosevic mutilate, kill and drive out people he doesn't like? They're only Albanians, for God's sake.

Michael's enjoyable description of the PM will certainly take the wind out of New Labour's sails! Tony Blair is "a slogan-machine who deserves to be dragged face-down through Clerkenwell with a Crunchie up his arse". Woo-hooh! I've never laughed so much. This is a clear reference to the black American James Byrd who was dragged to his death in such a manner. Woo-hooh! Please thank Michael for being the voice of reason, liberalism and sheer human decency. What a nice man!