Letter: Votes or violence at Newbury

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Sir: "Saving the world" needs action, not patronising editorials (leading article, 13 January). The "violence" to a tipper truck at Newbury is as nothing compared to the relentless trashing and burning of ancient woodland, demolition of thousands of homes and eviction of whole communities that the roads programme continues to demand.

Peaceful protest has been all but outlawed by the Criminal Justice Act. MI5 are "watching" environmental groups and activists and the forthcoming Police Bill will allow the police to burgle and bug their homes, culminating in imprisonment for those with "a common purpose".

Your servile cry for a green leader (who is always good for a profile piece) betrays your limited understanding of green political thought, while your inability to see beyond the all-knowing "free" market confirms your allegiance to government and corporate "business as usual".

"Violence" is an emotive word and condemnation from the moral high ground (soon to be reduced to an open-cast mine ) is all too easy.


London N4