LETTER : War crimes and 'acts of war'

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From Ms C. M. R. Johnson

Sir: During an eventful trip to Japan in 1980, I visited not only Hiroshima, but also Nagasaki. Previously, while staying with friends in Yokohama, I was asked if I would like to visit the nearby Commonwealth War Cemetery which, I was told, was a very peaceful and beautiful place.

One hot afternoon, I was led on foot by their eldest son, of seven years, to the cemetery (our only means of communication was by sign language). I paid my respects on behalf of the many who would never be able to travel to that distant place, and sincerely wished that there was some means of conveying to those to whom it mattered the serenity that surrounds all who are buried there.

Yours faithfully,

Celia M. R. Johnson

Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

14 August