Letter: Was the Aitken fax a CIA plot?

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Sir: Can it be that Jonathan Aitken's PR adviser, Patrick Robertson, is in cahoots with the CIA ("PR man threatens to sue over fax gaffe", 19 June)?

The date of Mr Robertson's misdirected fax is written in the American style: month first followed by day; then, on the second page of the fax, under point two, there occurs the phrase: ". . . to stop all enquiries into you, period". "Period" is the American term for what English people call "fullstop". As if two alien expressions were not enough, the writer then uses the phrase "Last evening" in his desperate fax asking for the return of his confidential message.

What is the significance of such semantic subservience to a foreign power? And just how extensive is the influence of the egregious Gingrich upon the right wing of the Tory party? I think we should be told.

Yours faithfully,

Sasha Lubetkin


19 June