Letter: Way forward for bridleways

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Sir: I sympathise with Stan Haynes (letter, 27 March) over what government and EU agricultural policies have done to the landscape. If the bridleway he mentions being ploughed out is a public bridleway he should be aware of the laws that should be obeyed by the farmer. It is an offence to plough a bridleway at all, unless it is a cross-field and the field cannot conveniently be ploughed without ploughing across the path. Even then, it must be restored within 14 days.

It is astonishingly difficult to persuade local authorities to enforce these laws, and many such paths and tracks are ploughed out each year. It is particularly tragic when an old trackway is ploughed out as a whole ecosystem of wild flora and fauna goes with it.


Joint Secretary

Lincolnshire Fieldpaths Association

Market Rasen,